These questions came from participants in my lectures and from private discussion with individuals. Next week the answers might be different.
On behalf of Raphael I thank you for your words which may appear here. Know that Raphael is inspiring the questions and Raphael is inspiring the answers.

Q 1. What is the difference between Angels and Guides?

Both are creative.
The Guardian Angel has always been with you. They are called Archangels, He or she nurtures and protects you. They bring inspiration, and have never been on Earth in a body; they have never incarnated. They teach you in various ways. They may come in dreams or visions to teach you. They may bring guides or even living teachers to you, in order for you to learn specialized subjects. Maybe it is time to learn about the Spirit World; they will bring a Spirit Guide to you to show you the dreaming, or a music guide to teach you and inspire you, to create songs and music.

A guide has been on Earth, or is on Earth.

‘Silver Cloud’
Silver Cloud is an American Indian from the Navaho tribe. He teaches me dreaming. I often see him sitting under a cactus, with a sombrero on his head at the edge of the desert, or in the snow. His flower is the Californian Poppy, and when I see those flowers I am reminded of him. I have been growing into his body of knowledge of dreaming, superconsciousness.

Q 2. What about ancestors?Are they angels?

Some of them are here in Angel-like form. They may even have little wings. They are also protecting you. The Guardian Angel is operating through them. They also are learning in the Angel World, and some of their lessons are also your lessons. You grow, as they grow and vis-a-versa.

In Africa they say, ‘ I am the living representation of my ancestors on Earth. They cannot do anything on Earth without me. I am their King.’ Your grandmother and grandfather are pulling strings for you, and your joy is their joy and their blessing. Be kind to their memory for they love you.

Q 3. I read a student of Swedenborg saying ‘All Angels had been incarnated at some time’?.

He was probably talking about the people who have passed over who are angel-like. The consciousness of an Archangel is so big that one person couldn’t encompass it. They may be able to bring in an aspect of it. They may in fact be able to incarnate that aspect. But it is just one facet of the diamond, and clarity can begin when all the other aspects are honored and seen in their right light. There are 144 aspects to every Archangel.

Hence, an Angel is the angel of many, many people and can be in many, many places at once. This is natural for them.

Story of a ‘Million Clones’
I watched as the angel created clones of himself, in light, and sent them out all over the world. This was showing me how he could be at many places at once.
Also I suspected that there were people who looked like me all over the world, especially when a friend of mine came back from India, and said she had met a person who was so like me, it was uncanny. And then another friend came back from Bulgaria and said the same. Perhaps Raphael had manifested through those people also, as he is manifesting an aspect through me.
I am rather slow and not very much into external luxuries. Some friends said ‘One day you will turn up in a fast car with lots of money and women, wearing an expensive suit’. I wondered if there was already such a person, and sure enough someone said I reminded them of such-and-such who lived nearby, who did all those things; worked in Real Estate, pumped up at the Gym, had a sports car. I thought “OK, I don’t have to do that one. He is welcome to it.’
I would often have visions of being on a fishing boat coming into harbour seeing the beauty of the lights. I felt it was from a past life. One night I got onto a ferry and some people greeted me ‘Hi, Horst’. I wondered who they were talking to. Then the ferry master got on, and they all did a doubletake. They had thought I was him. One lady even mentioned the word , ’doppelganger’. I had been dreaming what he had been living.

A person can lend their essence to the angel and hence take part in intervention projects e.g. Disasters.

Story of tiredness. Where has my spirit gone?
I would feel very tired, not chronic fatigue or laziness. Just could not get my act together. It was almost like shock. I thought maybe my spirit has gone somewhere else to do something. My angel said ‘Yes, we are working in Somalia, many people are dying, many children dying’, and I saw his Spirit there. Somalia is a long way away.

Story of Thredbo disaster
A chateau had collapsed under an avalanche of snow. Rescuers were trying to free the trapped. Many people had died. I saw my angel there even after sixty hours when there was no hope of finding anyone alive. I was listening to the State Premier on the radio and in the background I could hear the crows. I thought’ ‘Shutup, Bob so I can hear what the crows have to say about it all.’ They have a very good network, if only we could understand them. After 65 hours they pulled a man out. It was considered a miracle of survival.

Q 4. Can Angels get you what you want?

Angels are not genies. They cannot be bossed around. They cannot fulfill your desires. If you want money don’t ask them. Find a leprechaun and win his pot of gold. You may have to trick him with a riddle but that is what fairy stories are all about, silver and gold.

Angels can lead you to what you want in your heart and soul.

They will wait till you ask. You have roads to learn and it takes time to trust them. To get what you want, try calling on the Angel of the Right Instrument. This will bring you the right thing that you need at the right time. Or try the Angel of Supply.


The Angel of Gold. Imagine golden light bathing you. Imagine all the colours of gold washing through your aura, in this order.
Pink gold
Yellow gold
Blue gold
Rose gold
Orange gold
Green gold
Purple gold

Here is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Here is a secret.

To learn trust. A good technique I found was to give the angel one hour, I would do whatever it said as long as it was safe. This was very revealing, especially when what they said seemed ‘stupid’.

Q 5. Are there Dark Angels?

Angels are of the light. They do not know darkness. Nor does darkness know light. We are afraid of angels, otherwise we would be with them all the time. We know both Darkness and Light, and sometimes we choose Darkness. ‘Better the Devil you know’

Q 6. Why are we afraid of Angels?

I asked myself this question.

Story of doves at Lismore
I had a beautiful dream. I put my arm out, and just as I did a dove came down and landed on it. It was magical. In the morning I went walking. I saw some doves. They flew towards me as if they had been the ones of my dream, but they flew over. I was a little disappointed. I wondered why there was a difference between my dream and the reality. Birds seem to know me. Many times they will fly next to my car. Even in the city pigeons will fly straight towards me then veer off to the side. Owls will be waiting at different sections along the road. You may think I am imagining this. But I know they know me.

There is instinctual fear between species; even between one bird and another. This arose in the original separation, otherwise we would not have a way to know who we were. We would identify with whatever was around us.

A bird must be a bird
A rose must be a rose
We must be us.

Easier said than done. It is a lifetime’s project.

The devil is our fear.

Story of the lady who saw the devil and it changed into an angel
Annabel had seen the devil several times and each time she had run away from it. Then she decided to be fearless, and when she ran towards it and through it, she turned around, and she saw that on this side it was the angel. Fear had made her angel into a devil. Emotional manipulators use your fear as a weapon.

Q 7. What is evil?

Evil is Live gone backwards.
When the creative forces of life are used destructively that is evil. There is loose energy. The creative energy of angels is available but it is not being used. If it is not acknowledged it can be picked up and turned upon us. We need to develop creative outlets, even ceremonies andrituals for the expression of new forms of energy, of the new angels coming into existence. We must welcome them.

Q 8. How can we be released from evil?

Call on Archangel Michael to come with his Great sword and delineate the boundaries. Decide this is mine and this is yours. Hand back what is not yours and receive what IS yours. Keep doing this until you have freedom.

Q 9. Sometimes what is not actually ours belongs to the angel?

Yes. For example if we use tension to protect ourself, then since this is the job of the angel (protection) we are taking over their job. This tension, as an energy resides in the body, and we must be aware to hand it over.

Q 10. What are vampires?

Blood is also of the Light and Life. Those who deny their own light and life will crave it from others. They will try to suck it out of them. Life is very precious and sacred.

Q 11. Who is Lucifer?

Lucifer’s story and banishment
Lucifer was an angel. He loved God so much that when he was asked to leave, and go to Earth to do a job, he refused. He did not want to leave the Lord’s side. For that he was banished from Heaven, never to return till Earth itself returns, and on that day, and not before, he will be realized.

Q 12. How does Lucifer’s energy manifest?

It is the light you try to get from your body. e.g.. Banging your head against the wall will help you see stars. Or driving your car really fast at a brick wall. Or being a workaholic, It is the spirit that is in a bottle (alcohol). It is revving yourself up really fast, or jumping over a cliff. It is what it is. Neither good nor bad.

It is shining a light in your eyes really brightly in order to enjoy the afterflash.

Q 12A. Are there entities?

An entity is a no-thing. It is an absence, inhabited by no-beings. It is like a pot-hole in a road. It is an emptiness. Yet water can fall in to the hole, and creatures can live in it. We can empty out the hole and fill it, and the road will be smooth again without bumps in the night. You may fill it with golden light or violet light, and see it transform.
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Q 13. Can Angels be used against someone?

There is law here; Spiritual Law. Angels cannot be abusive. Abuse is an earthly activity performed by earth-bound creatures. They may try to use the Angel energy for personal gain. These creatures must be freed into the Light, or informed of their unwelcomeness.

You may send love to someone’s angel in order to empower them. Their link may be weak, and your love can strengthen it.

Angels cannot be enticed. ‘I will do what you want, if you do what I want’. You may give them a limit. They can be very persistent when they want to give a message.

Story of Angel and the 5 minutes
The angel wanted to give me a message. He said walk over to the beach. I was very tired and did not want to go anywhere. He harassed me. I said ‘OK, I will give you 5 minutes only.’ We had a nice time, and it helped me overcome my resistance.

Q 14. I really don’t want to know about Angels?

That is your choice. You have an arm and you use it. If you choose not to know about it, eventually it will shrivel and wither. You would still be you, but your abilities will be limited.

There are vestigial organs in the body. They do not seem to serve any purpose. They are considered remnants from the past. Yet we all have them. Each child who is born has them e.g. tonsils. What would we be like if we knew how to awaken them and use them? What if they are not remnants, but available for future use? The mind boggles.

I saw a photo of a child who was born in India with a tail. She is said to be the incarnation of Hanuman, the Monkey God. She is considered a divinity.

Q 15. What if we reject the Angel?

My childhood story
As a child I did not know there were angels. They had not been mentioned to us. I remembered that as a child, I was terrified of something that was hiding behind the cupboard door, sometimes under the bed. I would fight off going to sleep, and for many years I tried to be the yogi who did without sleep.
I used active imagination to look at this again. I saw, as the child went to sleep, the’monster’ came out and comforted the child. It was my angel. After realizing this I made a commitment to help children get in touch with their angels, and so head off the myriad of unease that came from a life-time of not-knowing.
Physical symptoms will occur from rejecting the angel, even anorexia. This could be explored. The symptoms will become chronic, and will remain even long after the angel has been accepted back.

Q 16. Who are the main Guardian Angels?

From my experience about 60% of people, their Guardian Angel is Michael, especially if
they are born in the Northern Hemisphere and live in the Southern.

About 25% of people have Gabriel as Guardian Angel.

About 5% have Raphael

And then there are all the others.

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Ariel are the traditional Archangels relating to the four directions on Earth and the four seasons. This may vary from book to book, and from time to time. You must get to know them personally, then you will know what they do.

Q 17. Books confuse me.

Me also. Many times the authors do not have first hand experience of angels or the
angels have simply changed. Your experience is the most valid. Do not take any notice
of what is written in books, even and especially this one. None of it is written in stone.

Q 18. You speak of Raphael as ‘he’. Do Angels have gender?

Raphael says that the angels came before gender, and before race. Needless to say each angel has both male and female forms, though to differing degrees. Gabriel, in the male form, is more like a Sun god, but in the female form rules over Birthing and is jovial. Michael in the male form tends to be harsh and severe, and in the female form, forthright. Raphael tends to be androgynous. Ariel in female form is very beautiful and in male form, hulky.

Q 19. In school we learned there is an angel on your left shoulder and a devil on your right shoulder. Could you give clarity on this?

Angels do not tell you what to do to confuse you. The mind does. This is where confusion comes from. We need to learn to control it. The heart tells you what to do. We need to learn to listen to it, and to follow it.

‘Listen to your heart, it knows the Truth.’

Q20. Are angels part of the higher self?

Yes. I have to ask why everyone wants to know the higher self. Why not the highest self? What will you do when you have achieved that? Who is the highest self? Who is the Lord and teacher of the highest self? Is this a Living Lord, living in a body now? Does this happen?

Also, where is the highest self,in the highest place, or in the lowest place?

Q 21. Can you become addicted to Angels?

Angels are quaint. They don’t know the meaning of a habit. Good or bad. (A habit is something nuns wear to keep temptation away!) They only have a response for life and light, and a willingness to surrender to it. As it flows, so they fly. So may you fly (not zoom). You cannot lose your habit in angels (or Spirit). You choose, and you rise or fall as your choice may be. Angels are ascending and descending in unison. When the gun goes off, you run. But the finish line is nowhere in sight. Confusion reigns and life stops. Find a finish line, make a date and be a winner. Make this your habit.
It is easy to form a habit. Something works. Some set of circumstances fall together. You try to recreate the experience. Yesterday’s life is gone, but today is new, and it works a different way.

Story of driving to work in car
I drove to work. As I went the angel was talking ’do this little exercise, now that exercise.’ I had fun, all the way. Time went so fast, and I felt invigorated. The next day as I went, I did the same exercises. It was boring. I wondered what I had done wrong. Then it hit me. On the first day I had listened to the angel. On the second I had copied the first day, and not listened to the angels. Now I know. Listen always and follow. That is the secret path to success.

Q 22. Are fairies and devas angels?

A deva is the angel of a plant.

There are the fragments, which are parts of our self that we don’t know exist. They live in different worlds. There is one in the fairy world that links into the angel world. These are not fantasy, but do live on in the Imagination. Make believe is fun. Too sadly, as we grow as children we are told ‘make believe’ isn’t real. We stop playing. Our fairy lights go out. Then we believe the serious ‘make believe’ adults call life, which is really a fantasy, waiting for dreams to come true; working for dreams to come true. The dream house, the dream job, the dream boat. Dreams are already true. You are being dreamed into existence by angels right now. What is their dream for you?

Q 23. Isn’t a dream about messages and guidance?

There are messages and guidance in dreams. But why are they so hard to discover? If it were messages, why not just give the message in a clear form and then leave. I asked myself this, and then my dreams became clearer. You can do this. Ask the angels to give the messages clearly, and then your dreams will start to get clearer. You will have lucid dreams. As well, as you work to evolve the angels ruling over the dreams, your dreams will also get clearer. It builds on itself. The angels get smarter. The darkness disappears. Colour returns. You have to tell them your needs.

Q 24. But aren’t they symbolic?

If you want symbols, you see symbols. If symbols work for you, good. It doesn’t have to be symbolic. You can make the communication whatever form you wish, the simpler the better. It is a dance. You do not even have to be asleep. The dream may be continuing on around you. Life is evolving, one step here, one step there. This is growth.
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Q 25. What about the Christ and the Angels?

There is a little bit of Christ in all of us. This can lead to Christ consciousness, which is different to Angel consciousness. Unfortunately there is a history of religious beliefs and religious habits that mimic but can never reach the goal. Who do we trust? That is the golden question.

The angels are with Christ, and Christ is with the angels.

Story of Japanese lady and visualization. When it came the turn of a Japanese lady to meet her angel, in her visualization she saw, not an angel, but Jesus surrounded by a host of angels and golden light. This was significant in the realization that angels are beyond race. They do not have a Western origin. It is not a white Anglo or Jewish tradition. It is universal and accessible to everyone.

Q27. What about other forms of consciousness?

We all have a little bit of each. This little bit is called a Remnant. It may be Krishna consciousness, or Buddha consciousness, or oceanic consciousness, panoramic consciousness, Diamond consciousness (Tibetan). Our life Mission and our culture determine which ones we take up.. To all of them Love is the key. Growth requires love.

A Remnant is a seed of what once was. It can grow and unite with all the other remnants. The Antarctic Beech forest is a long way from the Antarctic yet at one time they were all connected. Now there are just scattered areas of ancient trees here and there.

A Mission is an angel of sorts. Mary and Jesus appeared to me as in a dream, and told me the importance of these. We all have a Mission. They are goals threading through our lives giving motivation, and our life stories/myths.

Q 28. What is a demon?

A demon is usually a spirit coming through your physical lineage. It may be creative, as in endowing you with musical talents. In this form it may appear as an angel. It may be destructive, especially if it cannot find its creative outlet. It is your power. Or in Maori, poa. It can be snakey and demand control. Hence all the snakes in the Bible. In horses, in their breeding you see it appearing. A horse must have spirit and its spirit cannot be thwarted. It must be schooled not broken. It must be held sacred. If a horse loses its spirit, you loose the horse. Its trust will be gone. Just so, our spirits must be schooled.

Horses also have angels. They are solar, being very much connected into the sunlight. This is apparent in that their coats start to fall off at Mid-winter when the light begins to increase again and not at the end of winter when the warmth begins to increase.

Story of angel coming, the fox and the blackbirds with horse. I saw an angel coming out of the sunlight to the horse. At the same time I heard a ruckus. Some blackbirds were chasing a fox.

The daimon is more to do with personal power and presence than angel power and angel presence. The angel power is coming through the angel heritage which is a soul gift.

Q 29. What of familiars?

They are non-human guides and operatives. They can be animal, or bird, insect or fish, even dolphin. They may have scary forms due to their weird otherworldliness, such as bats or worms. The angels work through them to teach you about altered states. The familiar is then attracted to you and learns to trust you. A kinship develops. They lend you their spirit body, and you can experience their view of life. This reflects back into your day to day perspectives and attitudes allowing you shifts in your consciousness that normal affairs could not give.

Here is addressed the interweaving of all living forms and the Oneness of Spirit. There may even be dinosaurs, or even rocks, or crystals. They can convey to you the history of the Earth. This is shamanic time travel.

Each angel has its familiars, its totem animals and totem plants. Often you will meet its totem before you meet the angel.

Story of the Joel and the snake at Bellingen Caravan Park
Joel wished to meet his angel. He was staying in a caravan park. When I was there a huge carpet snake came and he was very taken by it, even friendly. Later when we did the process, he said that he had already met his totem animal, the snake. While he was in a trance someone nearby switched on the radio, and some beautiful love songs played, though he wasn’t aware of this. But the angel had told him to play some songs on his guitar. We need to learn to be aware of the inner and outer, as they are happening simultaneously.

Q 30. What about hearing voices in psychoses?

The clairaudient state is being induced by the emergency but the spirit is being held earthbound. The light has been switched on and all the 'creatures' seen. They may curse or swear or demean. Lack of personal identity creates a reaction to the illusion, which is deceptive in itself. The 'creatures' are unevolved aspects of the larger self. We must deal with our resistance to grow.
The formula is detoxify (take charge), connect, and evolve (journey).
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Q 31. What of voodoo?

In Brazil they have cults of the saints. In one cult which has African origins they have a special word, macumba. We do not have a similar word in our language. It means a spirit who operates through a person sometimes, and does harm. This is not so uncommon. They are endemic in families. If you attract unsavoury types or situations, or if murder or rape are in your family, you may have to deal with the Macumba. These can be the source of serious illnesses such as brain tumours, in which denial is at the root. Denial is dissolved by acceptance, and forgetting by forgiveness, and remembering. The cult have some therapists to do this work. They are called Mama santorini and Papa santorini, mother and father of saints.


As well as a guardian angel, you have a guardian Saint and a Goddess. This forms a Trinity. The guardian angel nurtures and protects you. The guardian saint teaches you about the heart. The Goddess teaches about respect for the Earth and the women. You have one of each. Sometimes more. These are good to know. They are very close to you.

The angels have a gift for you. Ask them for a gift. Learn to accept gifts.

The saint finds what has been lost. A lost dream, a lost love or a lost ring. It is the shepherd who finds the lost sheep. Ask for something to be returned that was lost.

The Goddess has many secrets to reveal. Secrets of womanhood. Ask her for a secret, cherish it for a while until you feel comfortable with the secret. Then ask for another. She is particular to you, although ruled over by a more well known goddess, like Venus or Aphrodite. Ask her which culture she is from. This puts her on Earth.

A good time to find what was lost is at new moon and at winter solstice.
A good time to ask for a secret is at change of seasons and at moon changes.
A good time to ask for a gift is, anytime.

These three together, (angel , saint, goddess) are called the Trinity. It is the Principle of the Trinity.

Q 32. I don’t believe in angels or life after death?

You probably don’t believe in your wife either. What you control you can keep! Right?

What’s in front of you is easy to believe. What is distant is a figment of imagination, someone else’s. I have not been to New York. It may not really exist. Someone started a rumour, and everyone spread it. Gossiped. But I can go there and find out the truth, my truth about New York.

You have a spirit. It is beautiful. Don’t believe me. Find out if you want. Don’t find out if you don’t want. Stand up for denial if you want. It needs a voice. You need to know in your heart what makes you happy, and what makes your wife happy.

Q 33. Can a person not have an angel? I did a dowsing on someone and nothing came up?

The person is not being themselves. The person you know as them does not really exist. It’s like an act. They don’t know who they are and so they are not being that. The act does not have an angel, but I assure you, they do, everyone I have met does.
As well this shows that the angels are not very present in the electromagnetic frequencies that dowsing utilizes. They are more present in the ultraviolet, and that is why as the ultraviolet increases, along with global warming, due to the hole in the Ozone layer, the angels are becoming more obvious. There is a gift in every blight.

Q34. Do angels know everything?

No. The angels are in Heaven. We are on Earth. To the extent that there is Heaven on Earth that is what the angels know. We have to teach them some things. It is the Creator, who made both Heaven, Earth and, man and woman in between, that has the potential for all the answers.
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Q35. Will Angels make me happy?

Happiness makes you happy. Angels can lead you to that. My angel led me. They can lead you to fulfillment and bring joy. There is a natural urge to happiness. No one really wants you to be unhappy except that they wish to control you. This is abuse.

Yearn for happiness.

Q36. Do angels have emotions?

Emotions are not in the realm of angels. Angels have no fear or judgement. You have a physical body, an emotional body and a mental body. You cannot attain to angels through any of these bodies. Mental focusing cannot do it. Sacred geometry cannot do it. There has to be developed an angel-body or a spirit-body. Then there can be interaction with angels.

The angel body can then be used to transform the physical body by transforming the elements of the physical body. There are the elements of air, water, earth and fire. And then there are the 93 chemical elements. When these are transformed to include their angel counterparts then the physical body can fully accommodate to the Angels.

According to Raphael there are 144 elements. These are not the chemical elements of the periodic table of which there are 93. These are the spiritual elements. In their condensation and materialization they do form the chemical elements, roughly as we know them. The number 93 is very significant in the angel world. It is the number of Love under the power of Will. Will has no power at this time over the remainder (144-93) of the elements. 93 is the number of the Earth aspect of the Christ consciousness. It is not Christ on Earth, but when Earth is in Christ, the consciousness thereof.

Every element on Earth has a spiritual aspect, and these combine to form the body as we know it, both in its physical and in the spiritual. The chemical makeup of the body is a lifeless husk. It has no value without its connection to the spirit and to Life itself.


Try to imagine an element, say gold. Then imagine a colour, sound and feeling for it. Continue on through all the elements. This will transform your world.

Q 37. Can angels do magic?

It is a magic that surrounds you. It is not pulling a rabbit out of a hat or standing on chook eggs without breaking them.

There are coincidences; things happening together. There are synchronicities; things happening at the same time. This magic is like, all the world is synchronized; ‘Meaning’ is everywhere. Everything is meaningful, and the magic is, that you didn’t do it and you still feel safe. It is very humbling.

Q 38. Can the magic be sent to people?

I felt a signal to turn the radio on. A song was playing. A line was ‘I will be your rainbow when they disappear’. I disappeared into light. My lady friend rang me in the night, to say that she had been sitting on a mountain, when two rainbows appeared.
There is no distance or time as we know it in the angel world. Love can be sent to people, but it requires clarity and integrity. It is better to send the love to their angel, and let them distribute it as needs be. Some people may use the love for selfish purposes.

Q 39. How many angels do we have?

We usually have one guardian angel. Mine is Raphael. A rare person may have 2 or 3. We also have guardians who have been people and are in the angel world.

Story of Rose Gertrude was the matriarchal head of the family. Her love extended out to her many children and grandchildren. Her angel was called Rose. Rose had a long time ago been the head of the family. The angel who lent its energy to Rose was Gabriel.

Q 40. Can you see my Angel?

The angels reveal themselves to you. I don’t see them by looking. They may show themselves to me. They are very beautiful. Sometimes when I close my eyes I see the celestial world. It is very populated. It is too much for my mind to come to terms with. It is like a rock concert in Light.

I can show you your angel, but you may not know what you are looking at, or you may resist seeing them. e.g. blind persons disease. When a person is unable to comprehend what they are seeing, the energy that would go to their eyes to see, remains behind them at a special point on the back that I call the ‘blind person’s point’. By activating this point you can bring the information back into consciousness, and it can be accepted and understood. Some visual weaknesses can be released this way.

Q 41. Why don’t people see angels?

What they are looking for does not exist. What is there they don’t know how to see, and their hearts are afraid to open to feel what may come if the angel were to appear.

Angels are not how you think. What you think it would be like is a fantasy. It is not easy to be ready for such feelings. Nor do we have the time.

When I was a teenager, the room would begin filling up with light. It interrupted my concentration when I was trying to study. Thirty years later, I realized it had been the angel bringing me my angel gifts. I had never even considered angels let alone been prepared. And dreams did not mean anything to me. I wish I’d known then what I know now.

In the story of Parzival (The search of the grail), as a young man, he finds himself in the castle of the fisher king where the grail appears. He fails to ask the essential question ‘Who is this for?’ and when he wakes in the morning it is all gone. He spends his life questing to return there. We are so close, yet all roads are leading us away.

Q 42. Why do people prefer to talk about illnesses than Angels?

Everyone has their angel stories. Everyone some how has experienced an angel. You have a story but you think you would be considered stupid to tell your friend, and she is the same. She thinks she would feel stupid if she told you. This is called a taboo. There is a taboo in our society around angels. Gradually these will break down, and in your old age you will talk about angels and be respected. For this is the place and the palace of wisdom, and only you can go there.

Q43. I am old, I will see the angels soon enough?

If you cannot do it now, what makes you think you will be able to do it then. Sure you won’t have distractions but the faculties that you will need you can begin to develop now. We are aiming at Heaven on Earth. You can contribute now.

Q44. Is there reincarnation? Can an evil person come back?

There used to be. There are no more lives. This is the last one. The people who have passed over are not going on to another life. Some of them are in angel training. They are here to help us. Some people no longer exist, anywhere.

Q45. Why is there such an interest in angels now?

First, it is a time in between cycles. This is when angels appear more. Five hundred years ago at the last cycle change great artists such as Michelango, painted pictures of angels. They saw them as they painted them. They were not depictions. This will happen again. When Raphael first spoke to me he said ‘You will see angels as you see each other’. He implied that this would take ten years.

Q46. I only seem to get glimpses here and there of what the angels are doing?

When everyone puts their glimpses together the whole picture will begin to emerge. This requires cooperation, and the recognition that we are part of something greater. There is no room for competition, secrets or stealing here. The big picture needs to come out.

Q47. You always call me at special times?

The gate was open. I called. There are gates, portals everywhere on Earth, like acupuncture points on the human body. At special times they open. Angels will appear. You will open. Grace is appearing, health is happening. These are times of ease. When one follows the path of ease one becomes attuned to these like magnetic attraction. That’s when I call.

Some days of the year are gathering grace and each year more blessings are being bestowed. Mother’s day and Valentine’s day are examples. Sophia is the Mother Of Angels and she is bestowing blessings on Mother’s Day, but don’t worship her. She is not asking for that. Learn to recognize her when she comes.

Q48. Is this related to Psychology?

Raphael is the psychologist of all psychologists. He is their teacher. He is the teacher of all healers. He is teaching me.

All psychologies stem from Raphael. All world disorders have a common disorder. Dis-Order. The House is not in order. Heaven and Earth are not One. They are trying to become One. They are Becoming. This is a secret.

Much of this work is based on Process-Oriented Psychology and the theory of acupuncture, which has its roots in Taoism and the 5000-year old text of the Nei Ching, Yellow Emperor’s Manual.

Q49. What does it mean by the age of darkness and the golden age?

This comes out of ancient Indian writings. It is now the age of darkness as, if a person closes their eyes, they see darkness, or nothing. The golden age is coming. It is to last for 1000 years. Soon we shall see golden light with our eyes wide open. If we see a solid gold being, this is an angel on Earth. If our hand becomes golden then the angel has the opportunity to express through our hand. This changeover will need some effort on our part, some yearning in our heart, and hope. Many new angels will be coming to help us. Be ready.

Q50. What is Australia’s role in this?

It is the birth-place of the new spiral of time, the Rose. Auralia is the angel-spirit of Australia and Aurora is her goddess.